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President of Finland: Quiz


Question 1: The new constitution specifies how the principles of ________ are to be followed (although Finland's presidents have done so since 1937 nonetheless).
CanadaParliamentary systemBicameralismUnited Kingdom

Question 2: During the summer, presidential sessions are not held every week, and they may also be held at Kultaranta, the President's summer residence in ________.

Question 3: In 1940 and 1943, the 1937 electoral college chose the President, as it was felt that a popular election could not be arranged due to the ________.
Eastern Front (World War II)Winter WarVyborg–Petrozavodsk OffensiveContinuation War

Question 4: ________, Regent (12 December 1918–27 July 1919)
Ion AntonescuCarl Gustaf Emil MannerheimKarl DönitzErwin Rommel

Question 5: The President must be a native-born ________.
Greek nationality lawFinnish nationality lawSwedish nationality lawBritish nationality law

Question 6: Parliament then chose Prime Minister ________ as President.
Pehr Evind SvinhufvudKyösti KallioJuho Kusti PaasikiviUrho Kekkonen

Question 7: Officers of the ________ and the Finnish Border Guard
Finnish Civil WarFinnish Defence ForcesPolish Armed ForcesFinland

Question 8: The President has the use of three properties for residential and hospitality purposes: the Presidential Palace and Mäntyniemi, both in ________, and Kultaranta in Naantali on the west coast.

Question 9: In 1944 special legislation directly stipulated that Marshal Mannerheim be elected President for six years after ________ had resigned mid-term.
Urho KekkonenPehr Evind SvinhufvudJuho Kusti PaasikiviRisto Ryti

Question 10: Under the ________, executive power is vested in the President and the government, with the President possessing extensive powers.
Parliament of FinlandForeign relations of FinlandPolitics of FinlandConstitution of Finland

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