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Presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: Quiz


Question 1: The study reveals that from 2003 up to 2006, the number of poor Filipinos increased by 3.8 million, with ________ incidence being approximately three times higher in agricultural communities.
OverpopulationFaminePovertyPoverty reduction

Question 2: When a third of its membership has endorsed the impeachment articles, it is then transmitted to the ________ which tries and decide, as impeachment tribunal, on the impeachment case.
House of Representatives of the PhilippinesElections in the PhilippinesPolitics of the PhilippinesSenate of the Philippines

Question 3: [12] In December 2002, Arroyo made the surprise announcement that she would not seek a new term in the ________.
Philippine general election, 1969Philippine general election, 2007Philippine general election, 1946Philippine general election, 2004

Question 4: By virtue of PP 1017, she declared a ________ for the whole country in an attempt to quell rebellion as her grip on power began to slip, to stop lawless violence and promote peace and stability.
United StatesState of emergencyPhilippinesSyria

Question 5: Her administration first set the record for ________ levels in March 2001, and beginning June 2004, broke the record again seven times.

Question 6: These organizations accuse the Philippine National Police and ________ for the deaths of these political opponents.
Languages of the PhilippinesForeign relations of the PhilippinesArmed Forces of the PhilippinesPolitics of the Philippines

Question 7: [51] In 2007, the Philippines was host to the 12th ________ in Cebu City.
ThailandBurmaASEAN SummitCambodia

Question 8: Former Philippine president ________ was among those that protested, along with leftist and extreme right activists.
Benigno Aquino, Jr.Gloria Macapagal-ArroyoCorazon AquinoPeople Power Revolution

Question 9: They also stated that they saw signs suggesting that the President was going to declare ________.
Martial lawPakistanUnited StatesIsrael

Question 10: The move to suppress freedom of the press against the Daily Tribune was criticized by ________.
Press Freedom IndexCorruption Perceptions IndexPrivacy InternationalReporters Without Borders


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