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Presidency: Quiz


Question 1: The presidency of British crown colonies was held by the office of the ________ colonial secretary.
EnglandUnited KingdomCanadaWales

Question 2: For example "the presidency of the ________ refused to support his idea."
Austrian Red CrossInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent MovementMagen David AdomAmerican Red Cross

Question 3: For example, in a republic with a ________ of government, the presidency is the executive branch of government, and is personified by a single elected man or woman who holds the office of "president".
Presidential systemPhilippinesParliamentary systemUnited States

Question 4: Swiss Federal Council - a collective ________
Head of stateMonarchUnited KingdomMonarchy

Question 5: The presidency of the ________ is held on a rotating basis by the various national governments of the member states.
European ParliamentDenmarkGermanyEuropean Union

Question 6: The word presidency is often used to describe the administration or the executive, the collective administrative and governmental entity that exists around an office of ________ of a state or nation.
PresidentUnited StatesPrime ministerOfficial residence

Question 7: For example, the presidency of ________ overlapped many important developments.
Ronald ReaganRichard NixonGerald FordGeorge H. W. Bush


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