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Presidencies and provinces of British India: Quiz


Question 1: Ceded and Conquered Provinces: Established in 1802 within the ________.
Bengal PresidencyBritish EmpireStraits SettlementsSaint Helena

Question 2: 4Now the San Andrés y Providencia Department of ________
ColombiaValle del Cauca DepartmentQuindío DepartmentColombian armed conflict (1964–present)

Question 3: [10][10] Bombay, which was ceded to the ________ by Portugal as part of the wedding dowry of Catherine of Braganza in 1661, was in turn granted to the East India Company to be held in trust for the Crown.
Monarchy of the United KingdomPrime Minister of the United KingdomElizabeth II of the United KingdomParliament of the United Kingdom

Question 4: [8] In addition, there were Portuguese and French ________ in India.
Vatican CityUnited StatesRight- and left-hand trafficEnclave and exclave

Question 5: 18th century
1762–1974  *Grenada
1763–1978  Dominica
since 1799  ________
Turks and Caicos IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsAnguillaCayman Islands

Question 6: India in 1700 showing the ________ and the European trading settlements.
Timurid dynastyPala EmpireMughal EmpireMongol Empire

Question 7: 6Now part of the *Realm of New Zealand
7Suspended member
8Now ________ and *Tuvalu
9Now the *Solomon Islands
10Now *Papua New Guinea

Question 8: After Robert Clive's victory in the ________ in 1757, the puppet government of a new Nawab of Bengal, was maintained by the East India Company.
Battle of PlasseyIndian independence movementBattle of BuxarFrench India

Question 9: ________ (for the period 1757–1858)
British RajCompany rule in IndiaColonial IndiaEast India Company

Question 10: North-Western Provinces: established as a Lieutenant-Governorship in ________ from the erstwhile Ceded and Conquered Provinces
1836March 1April 22January 1


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