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Presentism (literary and historical analysis): Quiz


Question 1: "________" or "whiggishness" are often used as synonyms for presentism, particularly when the historical depiction in question is teleological or triumphalist.
Whig historyDavid HumeWhig (British political party)Liberal democracy

Question 2: (In this view, while mores may change, ________ does not.) Others argue that historians, like all humans, cannot truly be objective, and so moral judgments will always be a part of their work.
VirtueConscienceMoral relativismMorality

Question 3: The ________ gives the first citation for presentism in its historiographic sense from 1916, and the word may have been in use in this meaning as early as the 1870s.
United KingdomOxford English DictionaryAmerican and British English spelling differencesJames Murray (lexicographer)

Question 4: Some argue that to avoid moral judgments is to practice ________, a controversial idea.
AristotleMoralityConscienceMoral relativism

Question 5: He has written that the "classic example" of presentism was the so-called "________", in which certain eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British historians wrote history in a way that used the past to validate their own political beliefs.
David HumeLiberal democracyWhig (British political party)Whig history

Question 6: For example, scholars such as Frances Cairncross proclaimed that the Internet had led to "the death of distance" without realizing that most ________ ties and many business ties had been transcontinental and even intercontinental for many years.
CommunitySociologySocial stratificationSocial network

Question 7: Presentism is also related to the problematic question of history and ________ judgments.
ConscienceMoralityMoral relativismVirtue


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