Present tense: Quiz

Question 1: In the ________, the pronouns have their own ending according to vowel harmony.
TurkeyTurkish languageTurkish peopleOghuz Turks

Question 2: There are two common types of present tenses to be found in most Indo-European languages: the present indicative (i.e., the combination of present tense and indicative mood) and the present ________ (i.e., the combination of present tense and subjunctive mood).
Subjunctive moodIrrealis moodOptative moodConditional mood

Question 3: The present tense of the ________ is made of the imperfective verbs.
Macedonian languageCroatian languageSerbian languageSlovene language

Question 4: It gets busy on the weekends. Sarah catches the early train.) They can also be formed using the verb to do and the ________, e.g.
Preposition and postpositionArticle (grammar)AdverbInfinitive

Question 5: The Romance languages are derived from ________, and in particular western Vulgar Latin.
Ancient RomeRoman EmpireOld LatinLatin

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