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Question 1: In the United Kingdom, according to the ________, the Medicines Act 1968 governs the manufacture and supply of three categories of medicine[2]:
Department for Environment, Food and Rural AffairsHome OfficeDepartment for Culture, Media and SportDepartment for Transport

Question 2: Physicians may legally prescribe drugs for uses other than those specified in the FDA approval; this is known as ________.
Off-label useBupropionTricyclic antidepressantAntidepressant

Question 3: Prescription drugs find place in teen culture in ________, June 12, 2006
Detroit Free PressUSA TodayGannett CompanyThe Des Moines Register

Question 4: However, in Wales prescription charges have been abolished and in ________ prescription charges have been reduced to £5 (as of 1 April 2008) as a first phase of abolishing them over the next three years.
Northern IrelandScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Traces of prescription drugs—including ________, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones—have been detected in drinking water.
Nucleic acid inhibitorATC code J01AntibioticAntibiotic misuse

Question 6: The term is used to distinguish it from ________ which can be obtained without a prescription.
New Drug ApplicationPrescription drugControlled Substances ActOver-the-counter drug

Question 7: Also, pharmacies operated by membership clubs, such as ________ and Sam's Club, by law must allow non-members to use their pharmacy services and must charge the same prices as to members.

Question 8: In the United States, the ________ defines what requires a prescription.
Food and Drug Administration (United States)Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ActFood coloringAllura Red AC

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