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Preschool education: Quiz


Question 1: It is well established that the most important years of ________ are begun at birth[8].

Question 2: The ________ movement is an international effort to make access to preschool available to families in a similar way to compulsory primary education.
KindergartenPreschool educationHomeschoolingUniversal preschool

Question 3: Preschool is also known as nursery school, or ________.
CanadaUnited StatesKindergartenUnited Kingdom

Question 4: In 1837, Friedrich Fröbel opened one in Germany, coining the term "________".
KindergartenUnited KingdomCanadaUnited States

Question 5: Arguably the first pre-school institution was opened in 1816 by Robert Owen in ________, Scotland.
Bath, SomersetNew LanarkGreenwichBlaenavon

Question 6: Preschool is generally considered appropriate for children between three and five years of age, between the ________ and school stages.
Child development stagesAdolescenceInfantToddler

Question 7: See ________ for details of pre-school education in various countries.
KindergartenUnited KingdomCanadaUnited States


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