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Question 1: However, legislation by the ________ allowing patronage led to splits in the Church, notably the Disruption of 1843 which led to the formation of the Free Church of Scotland.
Politics of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomMonarchy of the United KingdomConstitution of the United Kingdom

Question 2: The roots of Presbyterianism lie in the European Reformation of the 16th century, with the example of ________'s Geneva being particularly influential.
Covenant theologyHuldrych ZwingliCalvinismJohn Calvin

Question 3: The ________ was eventually reformed along Presbyterian lines, to become the national, established Church of Scotland.
Church of ScotlandScottish Episcopal ChurchScottish ReformationHistory of Scotland

Question 4: Other Presbyterian bodies in the United States include the Presbyterian Church in America, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, the Bible Presbyterian Church, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP Synod), the ________, the Westminster Presbyterian Church in the United States (WPCUS), and the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States (RPCUS).
Cumberland Presbyterian ChurchChristian denominationMethodismKentucky

Question 5: In the twentieth century, some Presbyterians have played an important role in the ________, including the World Council of Churches.
Christian denominationChristianityEcumenismBaptist

Question 6: These documents are ________ in their doctrinal orientation, although some versions of the Confession and the catechisms are more overtly Calvinist than some other, later American revisions.
ArminianismCovenant theologyCalvinismProtestant Reformation

Question 7: John Knox (1505-1572), a Scot who had spent time studying under Calvin in ________, returned to Scotland and led the Parliament of Scotland to embrace the Reformation in 1560 (see Scottish Reformation Parliament).

Question 8: Presbyterians, along with Roman Catholics in Ulster and the rest of Ireland, suffered under the discriminatory ________ until they were revoked in the early 19th century.
JacobitismProtestant AscendancyPenal Laws (Ireland)Old English (Ireland)

Question 9: Some Presbyterian churches have entered into unions with other churches, such as Congregationalists, Lutherans, ________, and Methodists.
AnglicanismCatholicismEcumenical councilEpiscopal Church (United States)

Question 10: Presbyterianism evolved primarily in Scotland before the ________ in 1707.
Acts of Union 1707Scottish independenceKingdom of ScotlandHistory of Scotland

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