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Presbyter: Quiz


Question 1:
Presbyter in the ________ refers to a leader in local Christian congregations, then a synonym of episkopos (which has now come to mean bishop).
JesusGospelBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 2: The earliest organization of the ________ in Judea was similar to that of Jewish synagogues, which were governed by a council of elders (presbyteroi).
East–West SchismChristian ChurchChristianityEarly Christianity

Question 3: [2][3] The earliest post-apostolic writings, the ________ and Clement for example, show the church recognized two local church offices—elders (interchangeable term with overseer) and deacon.
DidacheVulgateCatholic ChurchSaint Stephen

Question 4: In ________ churches, the office of bishop was abolished in the 16th-17th centuries, the heads of local congregations using the name minister.
Covenant theologyProtestantismChristianityPresbyterianism

Question 5: In modern usage, it is distinct from bishop and synonymous with priest, pastor, elder, or minister in various ________.
ChristianityBaptistChristian denominationEcumenism


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