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Prenatal diagnosis: Quiz


Question 1: Others detect conditions in the woman that may have an ________ on the fetus, or that threaten the pregnancy.
Adverse effectPharmaceutical drugAntidepressantAdverse drug reaction

Question 2: Some screening tests performed on the woman are intended to detect traits or characteristics of the ________.
Umbilical veinPrenatal developmentEmbryologyFetus

Question 3: In some genetic conditions, for instance ________, an abnormality can only be detected if DNA is obtained from the fetus.
Cystic fibrosisMalignant hyperthermiaCoeliac diseasePneumonia

Question 4: Integrated, Sequential, and Contingent screening tests use serum samples from both first and second trimester, as well as the ________ measurement to calculate risks.
Nuchal scanAmniocentesisTriple testObstetric ultrasonography

Question 5: Knowing about certain birth defects such as ________ and teratoma before birth may give the option of fetal surgery during pregnancy, or assure that the appropriate treatment and/or surgery be provided immediately after birth.
ArthrogryposisICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalitiesRachischisisSpina bifida

Question 6: All obstetricians offer patients the AFP triple test, ________ test, and ultrasounds routinely.
Safe sexHIVHIV and AIDS misconceptionsAIDS

Question 7: For example, studies show that a detailed 2nd trimester ultrasound, also called a level 2 ultrasound, can detect about 97% of neural tube defects such as ________.
ArthrogryposisSpina bifidaRachischisisICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities

Question 8: Amniotic fluid ________ and AFP level are more sensitive and specific than AFP in predicting neural tube defects.
AcetylcholinesteraseCholine acetyltransferaseButyrylcholinesteraseIbogaine

Question 9: The rise of designer babies and parental selection for specific traits raises a host of ________ and legal issues that will dominate reproductive rights debates in the 21st century.
BioethicsConscienceMedical ethicsAristotle

Question 10: Non-invasive techniques include examinations of the woman's womb through ________ and maternal serum screens (i.e.
Medical ultrasonographyRadiologyAbdominal ultrasonographyObstetric ultrasonography


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