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Premillennialism: Quiz


Question 1: Hoyt presents dispensational premillennialism; Loraine Boettner defend explains postmillennialism; and Anthony A. Hoekema writes on ________.
Second ComingChristian eschatologyCovenant theologyAmillennialism

Question 2: “The Temporary Messianic Reign in the Literature of Early ________,” Journal of Biblical Literature.

Question 3: A notable exception to normative medieval eschatology is found in ________ (c.
Pope Innocent IIIPope Benedict XVIThomas AquinasJoachim of Fiore

Question 4: A recent eschatology text from an ________ reformed perspective.
AmillennialismSecond ComingPremillennialismCovenant theology

Question 5: He is best known for his voluminous tome written against the 2nd century ________ threat, commonly called Against Heresies.

Question 6: Instead it was a theological interpretation developed within the apocalyptic literature of early ________.

Question 7: For the larger part, ________ through the second and third centuries was chiliastic.
Christian theologyTrinityBiblical canonChristian eschatology

Question 8: Throughout the ________ period—particularly in the 3rd century—there had been rising opposition to premillennialism.
East–West SchismEarly ChristianityChurch FathersPatristics

Question 9: It should be noted that Craig Blaising and Darrell Bock have developed a form of dispensationalism that is growing in popularity known as ________.
Covenant theologyJesusProgressive dispensationalismNew Testament

Question 10: Popular proponents of dispensational premillennialism are John F. MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Ray Comfort, ________, Todd Friel, Dwight Pentecost, John Walvoord (d.
Billy GrahamAdrian RogersSouthern Baptist ConventionJerry Falwell


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