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Premier of Western Australia: Quiz


Question 1: The Premier has similar functions in Western Australia to those performed by the ________ at the national level, subject to the different Constitutions.
Prime Minister of AustraliaGovernor-General of AustraliaRepublicanism in AustraliaConstitution of Australia

Question 2: The Constitution of Western Australia does not explicitly provide for a premier, and the office was not formally listed as one of the executive offices until the appointment of ________ in 1947.
Ross McLartyCarmen LawrenceAlbert HawkeJohn Scaddan

Question 3: Following the ________ in 1901, Western Australia became an Australian state and the responsibilities of the office of premier were diminished.
Federation of AustraliaConstitution of AustraliaAustralian electoral systemGovernment of Australia

Question 4: The only exception has been ________, a member of the Legislative Council who accepted the premiership in April 1919 on the understanding that an Assembly seat would be found for him, only to resign a month later when no seat could be found.
John ScaddanHenry LefroyHal ColebatchJohn Forrest

Question 5: This scandal became popularly known as ________.
Laurie ConnellWA IncRay O'ConnorBrian Burke

Question 6: Nonetheless, ________ immediately adopted the title on taking office as first premier of Western Australia in 1890, and it has been used ever since.
Henry LefroyNewton MooreJohn ForrestHal Colebatch

Question 7: Western Australia's constitution contains nothing to preclude the premier being a member of the upper house, the ________.
Western Australian Legislative CouncilPerth, Western AustraliaWestern Australian Legislative AssemblySouth Australia

Question 8: The current Premier is ________ who was sworn into office by Governor Ken Michael on 23 September 2008.
Carmen LawrenceAlan CarpenterGeoff GallopColin Barnett

Question 9: ________ was the only premier of Western Australia as a self-governing colony.
John ForrestNewton MooreHenry LefroyHal Colebatch

Question 10: The premier must be a member of one of the two Houses of the Parliament of Western Australia; by convention the premier is a member of the lower house, the ________.
Western Australian state election, 2008Australian electoral systemWestern Australian Legislative AssemblyAustralian Senate


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