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Question 1: In the early 1990s, ________ was working on a new label from Full Moon Entertainment, called Moonbeam Entertainment.
Full Moon FeaturesCharles BandPuppet Master: The LegacyRichard Band

Question 2: The dinosaurs were Elvis, a Tyrannosaurus rex, Paula, a ________, Jagger, a Stegosaurus, Hammer, a Chasmosaurus, and Madonna, a Pteranodon.

Question 3: The dinosaurs help the MacGregor family, who is struggling with their mini-putt ________.
The BahamasPhilippinesGolf equipmentGolf course

Question 4: The ________, Jagger, never appeared on the first three film posters.

Question 5: Full cast and crew information from the films can be found their ________ profiles.
Amazon.comBox Office MojoCDNOWInternet Movie Database

Question 6: Prehysteria! 3 was the last film of the series created by ________, and was released in 1995.
Charles BandPuppet Master: The LegacyPuppet Master (franchise)Full Moon Features

Question 7: The Prehysteria trilogy is a trilogy of family-oriented films made in the early to mid-1990s about the adventures of five miniature baby ________ named after famous pop musicians.

Question 8: The films were made by Moonbeam Entertainment, the family-oriented sub-brand of ________ producer Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment.
B movieB movies (The exploitation boom)B movies (1980s to the present)B movies (Hollywood Golden Age)


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