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Question 1: 8000 BC / 7,000 BC - In northern Mesopotamia, now northern ________, cultivation of barley and wheat begins.

Question 2: Because of this, the reference terms used by prehistorians such as Neanderthal or ________ are modern labels, the precise definition of which is often subject to discussion and argument.
La Tène cultureIron AgeIron Age ChinaAncient Near East

Question 3: [9] The Neolithic term is commonly used in the Old World, as its application to cultures in the ________ and Oceania that did not fully develop metal-working technology raises problems.
North AmericaSouth AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)

Question 4: As late as 2004, entire ________ were still being unearthed.
Independent cityTownCityMunicipality

Question 5: In this system, it follows the ________ in some areas of the world.
Vinča cultureNeolithicLinear Pottery cultureCucuteni-Trypillian culture

Question 6: 30,000 BP / 28,000 BC - A herd of reindeer is slaughtered and butchered by humans in the Vezere Valley in what is today ________.
United KingdomCanadaFranceItaly

Question 7: [citation needed] Homo sapiens originated some 200,000 years ago, ushering in the ________.
Behavioral modernityMiddle PaleolithicPaleolithic religionNeanderthal

Question 8: Regions that experienced greater environmental effects as the ________ ended have a much more evident Mesolithic era, lasting millennia.
Glacial periodQuaternary glaciationPost-glacial reboundLittle Ice Age

Question 9: Some nomadic peoples, such as the Indigenous Australians and the ________ of southern Africa, did not practice agriculture until relatively recent times.

Question 10: The region that would later become the Sahara is wet and fertile, and the ________ are full.
WaterAquiferWater contentGroundwater

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