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Question 1: ________) have partially prehensile tails.
Blue-tongued skinkSolomon Islands skinkSnakeSkink

Question 2: ________ have been known to be able to wrap the tail around an object after running around it, therefore giving the creature a small bit of balance.

Question 3: Others are the large Red Hills Salamander (Phaeognathus hubrichti) and the ________ (Eurycea lucifuga).
OlmSloveniaLeptodirus hochenwartiiEurope

Question 4: [1] Curiously, ________ contains many mammals with prehensile tails and also many mammals which can glide; in fact, all Australian mammalian gliders have tails that are prehensile to an extent.
MelbourneAustralia (continent)Telecommunications in AustraliaAustralian English

Question 5: Many New World monkeys in the family Atelidae, which includes howler monkeys, ________ and woolly monkeys, have grasping tails often with a bare tactile pad.
AtelinaeSpider monkeyGuatemalan Black HowlerGeoffroy's Spider Monkey

Question 6: This large, diverse group of 63 species forms the marsupial suborder Phalangeriformes, found in Australia, ________, and some nearby islands.
New GuineaNew CaledoniaPalauNiue

Question 7: Several kinds of ________ (e.g.

Question 8: This is in contrast with their distant ________ cousins who do not have prehensile tails.
Barbary MacaqueCercopithecinaeGeladaOld World monkey

Question 9: It has been argued that animals with prehensile tails predominate in South America as the forest is very dense compared to that of ________ or Southeast Asia.
AfricaScramble for AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan Africa

Question 10: Many species from this group, which includes ________ and Pipefish, have prehensile tails.
CretaceousCoral reefEelSeahorse


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