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Prefrontal cortex: Quiz


Question 1:
What artery is in the Prefrontal cortex?
Middle cerebral
Superior mesenteric, Inferior mesenteric and Iliac arteries
Anterior cerebral
anterior communicating artery

Question 2: Retroactive Interference has been localized to the left anterior ventral prefrontal cortex by ________ studies investigating Retroactive Interference and working memory in elderly adults [15].
ElectroencephalographyMagnetoencephalographyAlzheimer's diseaseHuman brain

Question 3: The prefrontal cortex has a high number of interconnections between both the brainstem's ________ (RAS) and the limbic system.
Alzheimer's diseaseSubstantia nigraReticular activating systemThalamus

Question 4:
Prefrontal cortex is part of the _____ .

Question 5:
What vein is associated with the Prefrontal cortex?

Question 6: To define the prefrontal cortex as the projection zone of the mediodorsal nucleus of the ________ builds on the work of Rose and Woolsey[4] who showed that this nucleus projects to anterior and ventral parts of the brain in nonprimates.
Ventral posterolateral nucleusThalamusSubthalamic nucleusDentatothalamic tract

Question 7: The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the ________ part of the frontal lobes of the brain, lying in front of the motor and premotor areas.
EarAnatomical terms of locationDigestionAnatomy

Question 8: The most typical ________ term for functions carried out by the prefrontal cortex area is executive function.
PsychologySigmund FreudCognitive neuroscienceNeuropsychology


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