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  • it was common for the Roman Emperor to be elected to one of two offices of the highest judicial magistrates known as duumviri, and the other position was left up to the emperor for the appointment of a praefectus?

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Question 1: The local police in ________ are divided among prefectures too.
United KingdomCanadaCambodiaJapan

Question 2: The last Prefectural elections in ________ were held in October 2006.

Question 3: The ________ has the nine Prefects of all the Congregations as well as the two of the Papal Household and of the Economic Affairs of the Holy See.
PopeCatholicismRoman CuriaCatholic Church

Question 4: In ________, private residential college preparatory schools; see also "proctor".
PhilippinesUnited StatesCanadaAlaska

Question 5: The Praetorian prefect (Praefectus praetorio) began as the military commander of a general's guard company in the field, then grew in importance as the ________ became a potential kingmaker during the Empire.
Roman EmpirePraetorian GuardDomitianAugustus

Question 6: Magister Militum
Princeps senatus
Pontifex Maximus
ImperatorRoman EmperorAncient RomeRoman Republic

Question 7: The Prefect of Police (Préfet de police) is the officer in charge of co-ordinating police forces in the various administrative circumscriptions of ________.
VersaillesÉvry, EssonneParisMarseille

Question 8: Dictator
Magister Equitum
Roman KingdomTribuni militum consulari potestateAedileRoman law

Question 9: ________, or praefectus urbanus: city prefect, in charge of the administration of Rome.
Praefectus urbiByzantine SenateByzantine EmpireByzantine aristocracy and bureaucracy

Question 10: In ________, a prefect (préfet) is the head of a regional county municipality.
CanadaOntarioQuebecNew France

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