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Question 1: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyCopyright infringementPublic domainCopyright

Question 2: In Theravadan tradition there are ________, Ten Precepts and the Patimokkha.
Householder (Buddhism)Upāsaka and UpāsikāUposathaFive Precepts

Question 3: The ________, 1983, in the English translation prepared by the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland [1]
Catholic Church hierarchyEastern Catholic ChurchesCanon law (Catholic Church)History of the Catholic Church

Question 4: Ten Precepts are the training-rules for samaneras (male) and samaneris (female), novice ________ and nuns.
MonasteryMonkHouseholder (Buddhism)Shramana

Question 5: The ________ lists the origen of precept as from the Latin roots of pre-septum.
James Murray (lexicographer)United KingdomOxford English DictionaryAmerican and British English spelling differences

Question 6: The Latin form praecipe (i.e., enjoin, command) is used of the note of instructions delivered by a plaintiff or his ________ to be filed by the officer of the court, giving the names of the plaintiff and defendant.
LawyerLegal educationCommon lawSharia

Question 7: And the ________ is the basic Theravada code of [monastic] discipline, consisting of 227 rules for monks (bhikkhus) and 311 for nuns (bhikkhunis).
PatimokkhaBuddhism and HinduismBuddhismAnuruddha

Question 8: In religion, precepts are usually commands respecting ________ conduct.
MoralityConscienceMoral relativismVirtue

Question 9: This article incorporates text from the ________ 1913 Webster's Dictionary.
CopyrightCopyright infringementPublic domainIntellectual property

Question 10: ________ Canon law, which is based on Roman Law, makes a distinction between precept and law in Canon 49:
Catholic ChurchPopePope Gregory IPope John Paul II


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