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Precentor: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________ the principal dignitaries of cathedral, collegiate chapters, and monastic orders, imitated the example of St. Gregory the Great in acting as directors of chant-schools.
Early Middle AgesMiddle AgesLate Middle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 2: The word "Precentor" is also used at exclusive English boys' boarding school ________ to refer to the Head of Music.
Sunningdale SchoolEton CollegeWellington College, BerkshireLambrook

Question 3: A word describing sometimes an ________ dignitary, sometimes an administrative or ceremonial officer.
EcclesiologyChristian theologyBiblical canonChristology

Question 4: A Jewish precentor is typically called a ________ or cantor (Jewish).
Conservative JudaismRabbiHazzanAntisemitism

Question 5: Jewish precentors are song or prayer leaders, leading ________.
Secular Jewish musicJewish musicYigdalHistory of religious Jewish music

Question 6: This position is usually held in a large church, and is typically used in the churches of the ________.
CatholicismEpiscopal Church (United States)Anglican CommunionAnglicanism

Question 7: In some instances his sphere of activity was much broader, including the duty of installing deans, canons, and other dignitaries; and in some ________, the duties of librarian and registrar.
MonasticismMonasteryMonkChristian monasticism

Question 8: Most ________ have a precentor in charge of the organisation of liturgy and worship.
BishopPrimate (religion)CathedralCatholic Church


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