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Question 1: This term was intended originally to cover the time before any preserved rocks were deposited, although some ________ crystals from about 4400 Ma demonstrate the existence of crust in the Hadean Eon.

Question 2: The term Precambrian is somewhat out-moded, but is still in common use among geologists and ________.
BiologyGeologic time scalePaleontologyEcology

Question 3:
  • Neoproterozoic: The upper (i.e., youngest) geologic era of the Proterozoic eon, from the ________ period lower boundary (542 Ma) back to 1000 Ma.
    Geologic time scaleCambrian explosionCambrianDevonian

Question 4: Proterozoic: this eon refers to the time from the lower ________ boundary, 542 Ma, back through 2500 Ma.
Geologic time scaleDevonianCambrianCambrian explosion

Question 5: The Precambrian is so named because it precedes the Cambrian, the first period of the Phanerozoic Eon, which is named after the Roman name for ________, Cambria, where rocks from this age were first studied.
ScotlandEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 6: [6] The Precambrian Supereon is divided into three Precambrian eons: the Hadean (4500-3950 Ma), ________ (3950-2500 Ma), and Proterozoic (2500-542 Ma).
ArcheanBaltic ShieldGeologic time scaleGeology

Question 7:
  • ________: The upper (youngest) geologic period within the Neoproerozoic Era.
    Ediacara biotaCambrianEdiacaranGeologic time scale

Question 8: The atmosphere of the early Earth is poorly known, but it is thought to have been smothered in reducing gases, containing very little free ________.

Question 9: Proterozoic: a period of modern plate tectonics until the first ________.

Question 10: It seems likely that it will eventually be replaced by the preferred terms Proterozoic, ________, and Hadean, and become a deprecated term.
ArcheanGeologyGeologic time scalePrecambrian


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