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Question 1: Shortly after, the release of ________ in 1993 made the use of pre-rendered graphics and CD-ROMs even more popular.
RivenMystMyst III: ExileMyst (series)

Question 2: The disadvantage of pre-rendering, in the case of ________ graphics, is a generally lower level of interactivity, if any, with the player.
Personal computer gameVideo gameNonviolent video gameVideo game genres

Question 3: One of the first games to extensively use pre-rendered graphics and full motion video was ________.
MystThe 7th GuestThe 11th Hour (video game)Trilobyte

Question 4: These games include real-time elements (characters, items, etc.) in addition to pre-rendered backgrounds to provide ________.
Information scienceUser interfaceInteractivityHuman–computer interaction

Question 5: Pre-rendered graphics are used primarily as cut scenes in modern video games, where they are also known as ________.
First-person shooter engineFull motion video based game2.5DVector game

Question 6: Some games also use 16-bit pre-rendered skybox, like Half-Life (only GoldSrc version), Re-Volt, ________, and others.
Quake IIEnemy Territory: Quake WarsQuake 4Quake III Arena

Question 7: CG movies such as Toy Story, ________ and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within are entirely pre-rendered.
Shrek the ThirdShrek 2Shrek (film series)Shrek

Question 8: However, in some advanced implementations, such as in ________, real-time assets were composited with pre-rendered video, allowing dynamic backgrounds and changing camera angles.
Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy XFinal Fantasy XI


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