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Question 1: ________ 1 and either calculus 2 or a course in statistics are preferential.
DerivativeDifferential calculusCalculusIntegral

Question 2: Pre-medical students may be advised or required to take upper level biology and chemistry electives, such as cellular biology, physical chemistry, ________, genetics, etc.
BiochemistryAmino acidMetabolismProtein

Question 3: Such courses are generally focused in scientific fields of ________ and chemistry, and are necessary for an individual to be prepared for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and satisfy medical school pre-requisite requirements.

Question 4: General ________ 2 semesters/3 quarters (with laboratories)
UniversePhysicsParticle physicsQuantum mechanics

Question 5: General ________ 2 semesters/3 quarters (with laboratories) (some schools allow zoology in place of second semester)

Question 6: The pre-medical coursework is offered at many American colleges and ________; however, it is considered to be a "track" that follows a certain curriculum.
UniversityPrivate schoolPublic school (government funded)Gymnasium (school)

Question 7: ________ 2 semesters/3 quarters (with laboratories) (some schools allow biochemistry in place of second semester)
Polymer chemistryInorganic chemistryMaterials scienceOrganic chemistry

Question 8: It refers to the activities that prepare an ________ student for medical school, such as pre-med coursework, volunteer activities, clinical experience, research, and the application process.
DoctorateUndergraduate educationAcademic degreeBachelor's degree

Question 9: Most pre-medical students major in the natural sciences, such as ________, chemistry, or physics, though this is not a requirement.

Question 10: Some schools require a certain number of general humanities credits, while others have specific requirements for courses in English, ________, or other disciplines.
Cognitive neuroscienceSigmund FreudNeuropsychologyPsychology

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