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Pre-Tridentine Mass: Quiz


Question 1: However, some elements of the preceding ________ were fused with it north of the Alps, and the resulting mixed rite was introduced into Rome under the influence of the emperors who succeeded Charlemagne.
MatinsAmbrosian RiteGallican RitePsalms

Question 2: Carolingian Reforms (the liturgical reforms promoted by ________ in about 800)
AlboinLothair ILouis the PiousCharlemagne

Question 3: Gregorian Reforms (the liturgical reforms of ________ in about 600)
Pope John Paul IIPope John XXIIICatholic ChurchPope Gregory I

Question 4: Towards the end of the eighth century ________ ordered the Roman rite of Mass to be used throughout his domains.
AlboinCharlemagneLothair ILouis the Pious

Question 5: As a result, every ecclesiastical province and almost every diocese had its local use, such as the ________, the Use of York and the Use of Hereford in England.
AspergesSarum RiteTridentine MassMass (liturgy)

Question 6: He is credited with adding a phrase to the ________, and he placed the Lord's Prayer immediately after the Canon, as he himself wrote.
Sacramental breadAnaphora (liturgy)Nicene CreedLiturgical book

Question 7: The earliest surviving account of the celebration of the ________ or the Mass in Rome is that of Saint Justin Martyr (died c.
Sacramental breadEucharistEucharistic theologyTransubstantiation

Question 8: Outside of Rome in the period before 1570, many other liturgical rites were in use, not only in ________, but also in the West.
Saint Thomas ChristiansOrthodox ChurchEastern ChristianityEast–West Schism

Question 9: In France there were strong traces of the ________.
PsalmsGallican RiteMatinsAmbrosian Rite

Question 10: Some of the Western rites, such as the ________, were unrelated to the Roman Rite that Pope Pius V revised and ordered to be adopted generally.
Tridentine MassMozarabic RiteCatholic ChurchMass (liturgy)


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