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Pre-Pottery Neolithic B: Quiz


Question 1: Like the earlier PPNA people, the PPNB culture developed from the Earlier ________ but shows evidence of a northerly origin, possibly indicating an influx from the region of north eastern Anatolia.
Stone AgeNatufian cultureMesolithicKebaran

Question 2: The culture disappeared during the ________, a term that climatologists have adopted for a sudden decrease in global temperatures that occurred approximately 8200 years before the present, or c.
Current sea level rise8.2 kiloyear eventAntarcticaLittle Ice Age

Question 3: Work at the site of 'Ain Ghazal in ________ has indicated a later Pre-Pottery Neolithic C period which lasted between 8200 and 7900 BP.
JordanZulu KingdomSaint HelenaBarbados

Question 4: 6200 ________, and which lasted for the next two to four centuries.
Gregorian calendarJulian calendarCommon EraCalendar era

Question 5: It is believed that the use of clay plaster for floor and wall coverings during PPNB led to the discovery of ________.
CollagePotteryStained glassCeramic art

Question 6: [2] Sites from this period found in the Levant utilizing rectangular floor plans and plastered floor techniques were found at Ain Ghazal, Yiftahel (western Galilee), and Abu Hureyra (Upper ________).
IraqAkkadian EmpireSumerEuphrates

Question 7: farming, animal husbandry
pottery, metallurgy, wheel
circular ditches, ________, megaliths
Neolithic religion
HengeStonehengeConcentric stone circleAvebury

Question 8: During this period, one of the main features of houses is evidenced by a thick layer of white clay plaster floors highly polished and made of lime produced from ________.
Sedimentary rockLimestoneKarst topographyCarbonate rock

Question 9: Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) is a division of the Neolithic developed by Dame Kathleen Kenyon during her archaeological excavations at ________ in the southern Levant region.


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