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Pratt & Whitney J58: Quiz


Question 1: It was the first engine to be able to operate on afterburner for extended periods of time, and the first engine to be flight-qualified by the ________ for Mach 3.
United States Air ForceAir National GuardAir Force Reserve CommandCivil Air Patrol

Question 2: ________: two-stage axial flow
EngineTurbineTurbine (disambiguation)Gas turbine

Question 3: The J58 is a hybrid jet engine: effectively, a turbojet engine inside a fan-assisted ________ engine.
TurbopropTurbofanRamjetAircraft engine

Question 4: The engine's high operating speeds and temperatures required a new ________, JP-7.
Air start systemJet fuelHydraulic fluidAutothrottle

Question 5: It was essentially a hybrid turbojet/________ engine.
RamjetTurbofanAircraft engineTurboprop

Question 6: The spike altered the flow of ________ air, ensuring subsonic airflow at the engine inlet.
Sound barrierAerodynamicsTheodore von KármánSupersonic

Question 7: The Pratt & Whitney J58 (company designation JT11D) was a variable cycle turbojet aircraft engine used on the ________, and subsequently on the YF-12 and SR-71 Blackbird aircraft.
Lockheed A-12F-117 NighthawkF-104 StarfighterLockheed U-2


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