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Question 1: Sites such as ________ and Ustream allow hosts to carry out prank calls live to thousands of listeners, who can also chat and discuss on-goings in real-time.
CaliforniaLos AngelesStickamLos Angeles Times

Question 2: They also post fraudulent ads on ________, and then shout racial epithets and make violent threats of rape and murder against the people who call them to respond to the ads.
CraigslistLos AngelesSan FranciscoAtlanta

Question 3:
Prank call, Podcast and Great American Novel are all:
Podcasting Hoaxes Telephone crimes Comedy

Question 4: In the United States, the ________ makes some prank calls a felony with penalties of up to two years in prison, and possible fines (depending on severity).
Communications Decency ActCompetitive local exchange carrierTelecommunications Act of 1996Communications Act of 1934

Question 5: As a result of the popular show ________.
Adam CarollaEminemJimmy KimmelCrank Yankers

Question 6: Reaction videos and photo montages are also popular ways of sharing prank phone calls via video sharing websites such as ________.
YouTubeGoogle VideosGoogleGoogle search

Question 7:
Prank call, Irony and Double entendre are all:
Comedy Hoaxes Podcasting Telephone crimes

Question 8: [3] Radio El Zol was fined $4000 by the ________ (FCC) of the United States for the second prank.
Federal Communications CommissionUltra high frequencyMobile televisionCBS

Question 9: Among the most famous and earliest recorded prank calls are the ________ tapes which centered around Louis "Red" Deutsch.
FuckJersey City, New JerseyThe SimpsonsTube Bar prank calls

Question 10: Comedian ________ was an incorrigible phone prankster, and recordings of his hijinks, dating from the 1960s and possibly earlier, still circulate throughout the country to this day.
Jerry LewisBob HopeDanny KayeRosalind Russell

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