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Pralaya: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________ philosophy, one of the six schools of classical Indian philosophy, Pralaya means "non-existence, a state of matter achieved when the three gunas (principles of matter) are in perfect balance.
Adi ShankaraHindu philosophyMimāṃsāSamkhya

Question 2: It lasts, according to computations of the ________, 4,320,000,000 years.
BhumiharBrahminBiharUttar Pradesh

Question 3: The word pralaya appears in the Cyclops chapter of ________'s epic novel Ulysses.
Finnegans WakePomes PenyeachDublinersJames Joyce

Question 4: This is, according to ________, the period of activity of the cosmos, likewise followed by a period of inactivity, called Mahapralaya (Great pralaya), of equal duration.
Maitreya (Theosophy)Helena BlavatskyCharles Webster LeadbeaterAlice Bailey


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