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Praetor: Quiz


Question 1: However with the decline of the other traditional Roman offices such as that of ________ the praetorship remained an important portal through which aristocrats could gain access to either the Western or Eastern Senates.
Roman RepublicTribuneCursus honorumAncient Rome

Question 2: In the reign of ________, however, the terms of the Edict were made permanent and the Praetor's de facto legislative role was abolished.
TrajanHadrianMarcus AureliusLucius Verus

Question 3: Dictator
Magister Equitum
AedileRoman KingdomRoman lawTribuni militum consulari potestate

Question 4: Until recently some German ________ retained an office entitled Praetor.
TownCityIndependent cityMunicipality

Question 5: The elected praetor was a magistratus curulis, exercised ________, and consequently was one of the magistratus majores.
Cursus honorumImperiumByzantine EmpireDecemviri

Question 6: By the end of the ________, a fourth magistrate entitled to hold imperium appears, the praetor qui inter peregrinos ius dicit ("the praetor who administers justice among foreigners").
First Punic WarPunic WarsSecond Punic WarRoman Republic

Question 7: Currently, this office has survived only in the ________, where praetors are the heads of Chişinău's 5 sectors.
MoldovaUkraineHistory of MoldovaRomania

Question 8: Magister Militum
Princeps senatus
Pontifex Maximus
ImperatorRoman RepublicAncient RomeRoman Emperor

Question 9: In an actio, which was civil, the Praetor could either issue an interdictum (interdict) forbidding some circumstance or appoint a iudex (________).
RabbiProfessorJudgeDoctor (title)

Question 10: During the ________ the 71 counties of Romania where divided into a various numbers of plăşi (singular: plasă), headed by a Pretor, appointed by the Prefect.
Early Middle AgesPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthHigh Middle AgesInterwar period


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