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Poznań: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (1905–1980), cryptoanalist, Enigma codemachine codebreaker
Marian RejewskiCadixPC BrunoBiuro Szyfrów

Question 2: Poznań is regarded as the second most prosperous city in Poland after ________.

Question 3: ________ (1931–1969), jazz musician
Roman PolanskiPrawo i pięśćKrzysztof KomedaInnocent Sorcerers

Question 4: ________ (born 1925), sociologist
Zygmunt BaumanHannah ArendtTheodor W. AdornoMarxism

Question 5: SSW Malta Poznań – ________ club
KayakInline skatesRoller skatingBicycle

Question 6: While the number of cars since ________ has at least doubled, the policy of improving public transport gave good effects.

Question 7: KTKFiT Błękitny Express Lech Poznań – men's ________ team
Field hockeyOlympic GamesAssociation footballIndoor field hockey

Question 8: However a Jesuits' college, founded in the city in 1571 during the ________, had the right to award degrees from 1611 until 1773, when it was combined with the Academy.
East–West SchismCrusadesFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsCounter-Reformation

Question 9: New cycle lanes are being built, linking to existing ones, and an attempt is currently being made to develop a ________-style light rail system for commuters.
StuttgartKarlsruheFreiburg im BreisgauPforzheim

Question 10: It would become part of the ________ with the unification of German states in 1871.
German colonial empireAustria–HungaryGerman EmpireHoly Roman Empire

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