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Powered hang glider: Quiz


Question 1: On 1979, Larry Mauro added a landing gear to an electric Solar Riser hang glider; although it was the first ________, it may not be universally held as the first foot-launched electric powered hang glider.
Solar water heatingElectric aircraftSolar thermal energyPhotovoltaics

Question 2: Mountain wave
The third main type of lift used by glider pilots are the ________ that occur near mountains.
Lee waveHang glidingMeteorologyWind

Question 3: For first glider, the best choices are flexible gliders with single surface (novice) because of their low ________, ease of landing and gentle handling characteristics.
AileronStall (flight)Flap (aircraft)Aircraft flight control system

Question 4: Meanwhile, powered hang glider flight was progressing in the United States and in 1977 the Soarmaster company located in ________, produced the first commercial foot-launched powered hang glider, the Soarmaster.
Mesa, ArizonaPhoenix, ArizonaScottsdale, ArizonaChandler, Arizona

Question 5: Moody opened the throttle and ran until he lifted from the frozen surface of a lake west of ________ and he flew for 30 minutes.
MilwaukeeWaukesha, WisconsinRacine, WisconsinRacine County, Wisconsin

Question 6: Advances in batteries, ________, and ultracapacitors are being considered for bringing electric powered paragliders and hang gliders to practical and affordable use.
Solar cellPhotovoltaicsDye-sensitized solar cellSolar energy

Question 7: Low ________ - very important, especially for a beginner to FLPHG.
Aircraft flight control systemFlap (aircraft)AileronStall (flight)

Question 8: ________ manufacturer, was following in Barry Palmer's footsteps and attempting to motorize a flexible hang glider.
Hang glidingParaglidingPowered hang gliderWingsuit flying

Question 9: Most powered harnesses in production are equipped with the 'Radne Raket 120' two stroke engine which is based on Husqvarna XP3120 ________ parts.
ChainsawAxeGarden forkCircular saw

Question 10: As usual, the pilot must plan the landing approach and execute it as planned in order to avoid sharp turns or sudden changes in ________.
ForceRigid bodyAircraft principal axesFlight dynamics


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