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Question 1: Innovated and made popular by ________.
Mitsuharu MisawaKensuke SasakiKenta KobashiGenichiro Tenryu

Question 2: The name of this move is often confused with release powerbomb, as ________ called his release powerbomb finisher the Jackknife Powerbomb.
Kevin NashJeff JarrettJeff HardyRic Flair

Question 3: ________ used a modified version in which after lifting the opponent up, he would drop them into a sideways position instead of the usual forward position.
Scott SteinerRic FlairBooker HuffmanRick Steiner

Question 4: Also known as a ________, this powerbomb is similar to the Crucifix Powerbomb, but instead of the wrestler falling forward to drop the opponent, the attacking wrestler falls to a seated position for a pinfall attempt instead of releasing the opponent.
Big Thunder Mountain RailroadSplash MountainHaunted MansionJungle Cruise

Question 5: A powerbomb is a ________ throw in which an opponent is lifted up (usually so that they are sitting on the wrestler's shoulders) and then slammed back-first down to the mat.
Professional wrestlingWorld Wrestling EntertainmentGlobal Professional Wrestling AllianceNational Wrestling Alliance

Question 6: The wrestler places his opponent in between his legs then the wrestler lifts his opponent over his shoulder and holds both his arms in a ________ position.
ChristianityPope John Paul IICrossFlags with crosses

Question 7: Powerbombs are sometimes used in ________ competitions, when a fighter attempts to slam another fighter who has him trapped in a triangle choke.
StrikeforceMixed martial artsIt's ShowtimeSLAMM!! Events

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