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Power trio: Quiz


Question 1: [1] Well-known 1970s-era power trios include the Canadian prog rock group Rush; the British heavy metal band Motörhead; ________ and The Police.
Bruce FoxtonThe JamPaul WellerIn the City (The Jam album)

Question 2: The 1990s edition of ________ toured as a "double power trio" (according to leader Robert Fripp), with two drummers, two bassists and two guitars.
Tony LevinBill BrufordKing CrimsonKing Crimson discography

Question 3: They frequently use effects such as delay and echo, and fill in space with instrumental ________.
FeedbackControl theoryPositive feedbackCybernetics

Question 4: The rise of the power trio in the 1960s was made possible in part by developments in ________ technology that greatly enhanced the volume of the electric guitar and bass.
AmplifierElectronic amplifierOperational amplifierCommon emitter

Question 5: Keyboard-oriented power trios also emerged such as ________, the guitar-less incarnations of Soft Machine and The Nice, and perhaps the most successful, Emerson Lake & Palmer (formed from Atomic Rooster and The Nice keyboard trios).
Progressive rockAtomic RoosterVincent CraneClose Your Eyes: A Collection 1965-1986

Question 6: Although power trios fell out of fashion in mainstream rock during the 1980s, the rise of post-punk and ________ in the 1980s and 1990s featured many trios.
Rock musicIndie rockPost-rockAlternative rock

Question 7: ________, in its most popular configuration as a power trio, was said to have adopted that format after seeing Jimi Hendrix perform at the Monterey Pop Festival.
Blue CheerDickie PetersonVincebus EruptumOutsideinside

Question 8: This allowed a three-person band to have the same sonic impact as a large, 18-person '________,' but left far more room for improvisation and creativity, unencumbered by the need for detailed arrangements.
Swing musicBig bandBebopJazz

Question 9: The prototypical power trios were exemplified by late 1960s-era blues-rock/ hard rock bands ________ and Cream.
Electric Jimi HendrixHey JoeUp from the SkiesThe Jimi Hendrix Experience

Question 10: The first embryonic rock "power trio" may have been ________ and The Crickets, whose onstage sound relied on a driving rhythm section that underpinned Holly's guitar and voice.
Buddy HollyRockabillyBob DylanRock music


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