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Question 1: These types of energy sources are called ________.
Renewable energy developmentBiofuelRenewable energy commercializationRenewable energy

Question 2: The Calpine Riverside and the Calpine Fox power stations in Wisconsin as well as the Calpine Mankato power station in ________ are among these facilities.
North DakotaMinnesotaMinneapolis – Saint PaulSaint Paul, Minnesota

Question 3: An important class of power stations in the Middle East uses by-product heat for the ________ of water.
Electrodialysis reversalMulti-stage flash distillationMultiple-effect distillationDesalination

Question 4: Renewable energy plants or * ________ may be fuelled by waste from sugar cane, municipal solid waste, landfill methane, or other forms of biomass.
BiofuelBiomassEthanol fuelBioenergy

Question 5: They must know the electrical and mechanical systems in order to ________ problems in the facility and add to the reliability of the facility.
Problem solvingTroubleshootingRoot cause analysisFailure analysis

Question 6: ________
Gas turbinePower stationKKS Power Plant Classification SystemEconomizer

Question 7: ________ plants use steam extracted from hot underground rocks.
Geothermal heatingGeothermal electricitySolar powerGeothermal power

Question 8: The power generated by a power station is measured in multiples of the ________, typically megawatts (10^6 watts) or gigawatts (10^9 watts).

Question 9: Wind turbines are typically installed in a group called a ________.
Wind power in the United StatesWind powerWind power in the European UnionWind farm

Question 10: Other power stations use the energy from wave or tidal motion , wind, sunlight or the energy of falling water, ________.
Geothermal powerPumped-storage hydroelectricityHydroelectricityCoal


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