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Question 1: In the interests of ________ on the part of DC (or, in context, Hal Jordan), the word "blackest" was replaced by "darkest"; this practice has been abandoned with the reinstating of the Green Lantern Corps.
United KingdomSpainPolitical correctnessGermany

Question 2:
Who created Power ring (DC Comics)?
Bill Finger
John Byrne
Joe Casey
Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and Whilce Portacio, John Byrne

Question 3: 4) #25, former Guardians of the Universe ________ and Sayd are shown using the emotion hope to create the first blue power ring.
Sinestro CorpsGanthetHal JordanPower ring (DC Comics)

Question 4: I know it's called the ________, but I tend to use the word "drive," because willpower isn't as much an emotion as a human drive.
Sinestro CorpsGanthetPower ring (DC Comics)Emotional spectrum

Question 5:
When did Power ring (DC Comics) make his debut?
All-American Comics #25
All-American Comics #16
All-American Comics #3
All American Comics #1

Question 6: At the end of the Sinestro Corps War, former Guardians ________ and Sayd reveal to the four Earth-based Green Lanterns the final verse of the prophecy.
Hal JordanEmotional spectrumGanthetPower ring (DC Comics)

Question 7: This radiation can be focused by the wearer into a beam, similar in appearance and effect to a powerful ________.
Laser applicationsLaserHeliumX-ray

Question 8: Violet power rings are fueled by the emotion of ________, one of the two emotions (the other being rage) that most influence their user.
LoveChemical basis for loveJealousyLimerence

Question 9: Gresh, Lois H.; Robert Weinberg, ________ (2002).
HideawayDean KoontzFear Nothing (novel)Frankenstein (2004 film)

Question 10: [6][7] The new version of the ring is created by the Guardians of the Universe, who also create the ________.
John Stewart (comics)Green Lantern CorpsHal JordanGreen Arrow

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