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Power over Ethernet: Quiz


Question 1: Power can come from a power supply within a PoE-enabled networking device such as an ________ or from a device built for "injecting" power onto the Ethernet cabling.
Media Access ControlCable modemSpanning tree protocolNetwork switch

Question 2: ________, long established standard technique to power microphones.
Balanced audioPhantom powerXLR connectorDI unit

Question 3: Standard versions of PoE specify ________ or higher.
8P8CCategory 5 cableTwisted pairCategory 6 cable

Question 4: ________, data communication over mains electricity.
Wi-FiWiMAXModemPower line communication

Question 5: ________, connects network nodes with independent pipes (efficient).
Spanning tree protocolMedia Access ControlEthernetNetwork switch

Question 6: Cheaper cabling — even ________ is cheaper than USB repeaters, and the task of meeting building code requirements to run AC power cable is eliminated.
Category 6 cable8P8CTwisted pairCategory 5 cable

Question 7: ________, an industry trade group on datacommunication over mains electricity.
Power line communicationG.hnHomePlug Powerline AllianceEthernet

Question 8: Examples include ________, IP Phones, and IP cameras.
IEEE 802.11Wireless LANWireless access pointWi-Fi

Question 9: ________, efficient electrical power conversion.
DC-to-DC converterTransformerSwitched-mode power supplyCapacitor

Question 10: In addition, PoE uses only one type of connector, an ________ (RJ45), whereas there are four different types of USB connectors.
Category 5 cableTIA/EIA-568-B8P8CARJ45


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