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Question 1: Others advocate greater use of electronically controlled ________ (HVDC) firebreaks to prevent disturbances from cascading across AC lines in a wide area grid.
Grid energy storageSuper gridHigh-voltage direct currentSmart grid

Question 2: To protect against this, the use of an ________ or UPS can provide a constant flow of electricity in the event that a primary power supply becomes unavailable for a short period of time.
Emergency power systemUninterruptible power supplyTransformerSwitched-mode power supply

Question 3: A ________ may be affected, depending on the design.
CapacitorDC-to-DC converterTransformerSwitched-mode power supply

Question 4: The Electric Power Research Institute champions the use of ________ features such as power control devices employing advanced sensors to coordinate the grid.
Smart gridElectrical gridSuper gridPickens Plan

Question 5: It has recently been argued on the basis of historical data[1] and computer modeling[2] that ________ are self-organized critical systems.
Electrical gridHigh-voltage direct currentSuper gridSmart grid

Question 6: In the total absence of grid power, a so-called ________ needs to be performed to bootstrap the power grid into operation.
Electricity generationIndependent System OperatorWind powerBlack start

Question 7: This may range from a building, to a block, to an entire city, to an entire ________.
Super gridElectrical gridSmart gridHigh-voltage direct current

Question 8: Examples of these causes include, faults at ________, damage to power lines, substations or other parts of the distribution system, a short circuit, or the overloading of electricity mains.
Power stationElectricity generationHydroelectricityNuclear power

Question 9: Under certain conditions, a network component shutting down can cause current fluctuations in neighboring segments of the network, though this is unlikely, leading to a ________ of a larger section of the network.
Internet backboneComputer networkHop (telecommunications)Cascading failure

Question 10: Blackouts which result from or result in ________ tripping are particularly difficult to recover from quickly.
Nuclear powerPower stationElectricity generationHydroelectricity


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