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Question 1: This branch of power metal emerged in 1980s United States as an offshoot of ________ and heavy metal.
Thrash metalExtreme metalBay Area thrash metalDeath metal

Question 2: Power metal is highly focused on the vocalist, with "clean" vocals being much more prevalent than the growling vocals often associated with death metal and ________.
Early Norwegian black metal sceneHeavy metal musicBlack metalFolk metal

Question 3: A number of power metal drummers generally play with double bass pedals or two ________, utilizing them to play a constant stream of sixteenth notes (semiquavers) with snare drum accents on the beat.
RototomTom-tom drumBass drumCymbal

Question 4: Manowar, Sabaton, ________, Firewind) or combinations of the listed themes.
The Glorious BurdenJon SchafferDark GenesisIced Earth

Question 5: The style was perfected by drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg of ________, setting a blueprint for many other drummers to follow.
Kai HansenAndi DerisMichael KiskeHelloween

Question 6: The slow changing of chords are significant in defining power metal just as the fast rapid chord changes often define traditional ________.
Thrash metalHeavy metal musicBay Area thrash metalDeath metal

Question 7: Following in the tradition of Ronnie James Dio, ________, Rob Halford and other heavy metal vocalists, power metal vocals are often in a high register.
Bruce DickinsonAdrian SmithJanick GersIron Maiden

Question 8: Some of the most influential and imitated power metal guitarists are Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray, Michael Weikath of ________ and Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius.
HelloweenMichael KiskeUli KuschAndi Deris

Question 9: Some drummers however do not use this technique and use a more ________ style of drumming with rapid bursts of double bass that involve three to six beats with the double kick.
Bay Area thrash metalThrash metalHeavy metal musicDeath metal

Question 10: Power metal is a style of ________ combining characteristics of traditional metal with speed metal, often within symphonic context.
Hard rockHeavy metal subgenresRock musicHeavy metal music


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