Power forward (basketball): Quiz

Question 1: Power forwards are not necessarily undersized; the duos of David Robinson / Tim Duncan & Ralph Sampson / ________ are a notable pairs that could play either position, called Center-Forwards (CF).
Kareem Abdul-JabbarMagic JohnsonHakeem OlajuwonElvin Hayes

Question 2: While ________ is not noted for his strong inside game or his physical post play, many of his skills, particularly his strong reliance on the jump shot, compare favorably to those of a typical small forward.
Pau GasolDirk NowitzkiTim DuncanShaquille O'Neal

Question 3: Other power forwards who add long-range shooting to their skillset include ________, Rasheed Wallace, and Troy Murphy.
Antawn JamisonMichael JordanVince CarterTim Duncan

Question 4: They play offensively with their backs to the basket on offense and position themselves defensively under the basket in a ________ or against the opposing power forward on defense in man-to-man defense.
Temple UniversityUnited States ArmyZone defenseVietnam War

Question 5: Power forward is a position in the sport of ________.
Ice hockeyNational Basketball AssociationBasketballOlympic Games

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Power_forward_(basketball))