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Power engineering: Quiz


Question 1: [1] Over the next two centuries a number of important discoveries were made including the ________ and the voltaic pile.
Compact fluorescent lampFluorescent lampFlashtubeIncandescent light bulb

Question 2: In 1881 two electricians built the world's first power station at ________ in England.

Question 3: Electromechanical energy conversion is used in converting energy from ________, petroleum, natural gas, uranium, water flow, and wind into electrical energy.
HydroelectricityGrid energy storageWind powerCoal

Question 4: The station employed two waterwheels to produce an alternating current that was used to supply seven Siemens ________ at 250 volts and thirty-four incandescent lamps at 40 volts.
Fluorescent lampGas-discharge lampIncandescent light bulbArc lamp

Question 5: Using this knowledge he built a much improved alternating current power system at Great Barrington, ________ in 1886.
MassachusettsRhode IslandConnecticutMaine

Question 6: The ________ is an electrical network that connects a variety of electric generators to the users of electric power.
High-voltage direct currentElectrical gridSmart gridSuper grid

Question 7: The practical value of Gaulard and Gibbs' transformer was demonstrated in 1884 at ________ where the transformer was used to light up forty kilometres (25 miles) of railway from a single alternating current generator.

Question 8: The installation powered a 100 horsepower (75 kW) synchronous motor at ________ with the motor being started by a Tesla induction motor.
Trinidad, ColoradoTelluride, ColoradoDurango, ColoradoSilverton, Colorado

Question 9: For these reasons, ________ exist throughout power grids to convert power to higher voltages before transmission and to lower voltages suitable for appliances after transmission.
Electric power transmissionElectrical substationTransformerHigh-voltage direct current

Question 10: These include transformers, ________, electric motors and power electronics.
Electrical generatorBrush (electric)Linear motorDirect torque control


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