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Question 1: Individuals identified as belonging to the power elite include David Rockefeller, ________ and Robert McNamara.
Elliot RichardsonW. Averell HarrimanMartin Van BurenJohn F. Kennedy

Question 2: The power elite are the leadership of the ________, able to shape the economy through their simultaneous access to both state and corporate power.
Working classUpper classSocial classMiddle class

Question 3: The power elite is described as consisting of members of the corporate community, ________, politicians, media editors, military service personnel, and high-profile journalists.
Academic degreeHumanitiesAcademiaUniversity

Question 4: The phrase 'Power Elite' also appears in Aldous Huxley's 1958 work ________, referencing Mills' book.
The Genius and the GoddessIsland (novel)Brave New WorldAfter Many a Summer

Question 5: ________ (The Anglo-American Establishment)
Conspiracy theoryCarroll QuigleyUnited StatesBill Clinton


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