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Question 1: ________ (1588 - 1679) defined power as a man's "present means, to obtain some future apparent good" (Leviathan, Ch.
Thomas HobbesGottfried LeibnizPlatoImmanuel Kant

Question 2: Nietzsche disseminated ideas on the "________", which he saw as the domination of other humans as much as the exercise of control over one's environment.
ExistentialismApollonian and DionysianWill to powerWill to live

Question 3: ________, with its foundations in the theory of Rational Choice, is increasingly used in various disciplines to help analyse power relationships.
Game theoryNash equilibriumEvolutionarily stable strategyPrisoner's dilemma

Question 4: ________ (violence, military might, coercion).
PhysicsForceEnergyClassical mechanics

Question 5: The term authority is often used for power, perceived as legitimate by the ________.
Social structureSystems theorySociologyTalcott Parsons

Question 6: During the ________, power shifted from a nobility acting primarily through violence to industrialists and financiers acting through wealth.
Industrial RevolutionTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionThomas HighsWilliam Radcliffe

Question 7: For most Western readers, it is posited that if a protagonist's race is not indicated, it will be assumed by the reader that the protagonist is Caucasian; if a sexual identity is not indicated, it will be assumed by the reader that the protagonist is ________; if the gender of a body is not indicated, will be assumed by the reader that it is male; if a disability is not indicated, it will be assumed by the reader that the protagonist is able bodied, just as a set of examples.
HomosexualitySexual orientationBisexualityHeterosexuality

Question 8: ________ The Power Elite [1]
Rationalization (sociology)Economic sociologySociologyC. Wright Mills

Question 9: The logic of government open to all underpins the social forums (such as the ________) that have developed in contradistinction to the forums of the powerful.
World Social ForumUnited StatesBrazilKenya

Question 10: Foucault claims belief systems gain momentum (and hence power) as more people come to accept the particular views associated with that belief system as common knowledge (________).

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