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Question 1: Some of IBM's embedded PowerPC chips use a per-page ________ bit.
64-bitEndiannessCentral processing unitDEC Alpha

Question 2: ________, 32-bit macppc released port[21]
LinuxNetBSDOpenBSDBerkeley Software Distribution

Question 3:
When was PowerPC opened?

Question 4: RISC • System p • System i • ________ • • PAPR • PReP • CHRP • more...

Question 5: ________, 32-bit powerpc released port[20]
NetBSDLinuxBerkeley Software DistributionFreeBSD

Question 6: ________, for the Xbox 360 processor, Xenon
MicrosoftMicrosoft OfficeInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Windows

Question 7: The first implementation of the architecture was the PowerPC 601, released in ________, based on the RSC, implementing a hybrid of the POWER1 and PowerPC instructions.

Question 8: XenPPC Xen ________ For PowerPC 970
Virtual machineHypervisorLinuxHardware virtualization

Question 9: The second generation was "pure" and included the "low end" ________ and "high end" PowerPC 604.
PowerPC G4POWER1Power ArchitecturePowerPC 600

Question 10: However, the 88000 was already in production; ________ was shipping 88k machines and Apple already had 88k prototype machines running.
Digital Equipment CorporationData General NovaData General AViiONData General

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