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Powderfinger discography: Quiz


Question 1: The first eight of the group's videos were directed by award-winning ________ director David Barker.
VH1Music videoMTVThe Ed Sullivan Show

Question 2: After performances at music festivals and appearances on several compilation albums,[2] Powderfinger released their second studio album, ________ (1996).
Bernard FanningD.A.F. (song)Internationalist (album)Double Allergic

Question 3: ________ – full listing of all awards won by the group.
List of awards and nominations received by PowderfingerMy Happiness (song)Internationalist (album)Bernard Fanning

Question 4: [8] Their fifth album, ________, was released in 2003, and has sold over 400,000 copies.
Vulture StreetDream Days at the Hotel ExistenceInternationalist (album)My Happiness (song)

Question 5: The ________ for "Take Me In" was included on the CD of the single.
The Ed Sullivan ShowMTVVH1Music video

Question 6: [4] In September 2000, Powderfinger released their fourth album, ________, which has sold over 350,000 copies.
Odyssey Number FiveInternationalist (album)My Happiness (song)Vulture Street

Question 7: The discography of ________, an Australian rock group, consists of six studio albums, twenty-four singles, four extended plays, three live albums, one "best of" album and four video releases.
My Happiness (song)Dream Days at the Hotel ExistencePowderfingerBernard Fanning

Question 8: "My Happiness" also peaked at #23 on ________.
Alternative SongsActive rockHot Mainstream Rock TracksMainstream rock

Question 9: After two years, the band returned from their hiatus and released their sixth studio album, ________ in 2007, and are set to follow up with Golden Rule in 2009.
PowderfingerBernard FanningVulture StreetDream Days at the Hotel Existence


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