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Question 1: Poverty is usually measured as either absolute or ________ (the latter being actually an index of income inequality).
Basic needsCanadaBhutanPoverty threshold

Question 2: [64] Almost 90% of ________ occur in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, compared to less than 1% in the developed world.
Gestational diabetesPreterm birthChorioamnionitisMaternal death

Question 3: [11] Food shortages were also common before modern agricultural technology and in places that lack them today, such as nitrogen fertilizers, pesticides and ________ methods.
DrainageWaterIrrigationDrip irrigation

Question 4: [92] It reduced it to .5-.6% in the ________ and to .06% today while spending less each year on maternal health because it learned what worked and what did not.
1960s1940s1950sCharles de Gaulle

Question 5: ________ and lack of access to birth control methods drive poverty[30][31][32] The world's population is expected to reach nearly 9 billion in 2040.
FamineOverpopulationHabitat destructionFood security

Question 6: [125] The collapse of the ________ resulted in large declines in GDP per capita, of about 30 to 35% between 1990 and the trough year of 1998 (when it was at its minimum).
RussiaSoviet UnionEast GermanyJoseph Stalin

Question 7: The main poverty line used in the OECD and the ________ is based on "economic distance", a level of income set at 60% of the median household income.
European ParliamentEuropean UnionDenmarkGermany

Question 8: ________ (GCAP)
Global Call to Action Against PovertyUruguayBrazilMake Poverty History Emirates

Question 9: [107] US law requires ________ be spent on buying food at home, instead of where the hungry live, and, as a result, half of what is spent is used on transport.
AidInternational Monetary FundHarry S. TrumanDevelopment aid

Question 10: [147] ________ has pioneered a program called Targeting the Ultra-Poor to redress ultra-poverty by working with individual ultra-poor women.
RefugeeGrameen BankBangladeshBRAC (NGO)

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