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Question 1: Marsupials give birth to a live but relatively undeveloped ________ called a joey.
Prenatal developmentFetusUmbilical veinEmbryology

Question 2: Pouches are different amongst the different marsupials: for example for Quolls and ________, the pouch opens to the rear and the joey only has to travel a short distance to get to the opening (resting place) of the pouch.
Tiger QuollCommon PlanigaleTasmanian DevilNumbat

Question 3: The pouch is a distinguishing feature of female marsupials (and rarely in the males as in the water opossum and the extinct ________); the name marsupial is derived from the Latin marsupium, meaning "pouch".
Woolly mammothHonshū WolfThylacineMoa

Question 4: The ________'s pouch opens horizontally on the front of the body, and the joey must climb a relatively long way to reach it.
BoodieRed KangarooKoalaKangaroo

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