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Question 1: PEG is not appropriate for use in samples from patients with increased plasma protein, such as patients with ________.
Multiple myelomaFollicular lymphomaAcute lymphoblastic leukemiaBurkitt's lymphoma

Question 2: Albumin acts as a potentiator by reducing the ________ around the suspended red blood cells, thus dispersing the repulsive negative charges and enhancing agglutination.
Double layer (interfacial)Electroacoustic phenomenaElectrophoresisZeta potential

Question 3: In clinical terms, a potentiator is a reagent that enhances sensitization of an ________.
Polyclonal B cell responseAntigenImmune systemPhagocyte

Question 4: Examples of potentiators include albumin, LISS (low ionic-strength saline) and PEG (________) [1].
Polyethylene glycolGlycerolEthylene oxideSodium hydroxide

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