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Potential energy: Quiz


Question 1: In the case of ________ forces, a common choice is to define the potential energy as tending to zero when the distances between all bodies tend to infinity.
SunPhotonLightInverse-square law

Question 2: The energy from the ________ is an example of this form of energy conversion.
EarthSolar SystemSunStar

Question 3: Green plants transform solar energy to chemical energy through the process known as photosynthesis, and electrical energy can be converted to chemical energy through ________ reactions.
ChemistryChlorineAnalytical chemistryElectrochemistry

Question 4: Scientists rarely discuss forces on an ________ scale.

Question 5: This energy can be chosen for convenience, and/or such that for a particular state the potential energy is ________.
5 (number)1 (number)Roman numerals0 (number)

Question 6: A related quantity called ________ (commonly denoted with a V for voltage) is equal to the electric potential energy per unit charge.
Electric potentialMaxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldLorentz force

Question 7: This arrangement may be the result of ________ within a molecule or otherwise.
Covalent bondChemical bondHydrogen bondAromaticity

Question 8: For example, the work of an elastic force is called elastic potential energy; work of the gravitational force is called gravitational potential energy; work of the ________ is called electric potential energy; work of the strong nuclear force or weak nuclear force acting on the baryon charge is called nuclear potential energy; work of intermolecular forces is called intermolecular potential energy.
Magnetic momentMaxwell's equationsCoulomb's lawLorentz force

Question 9: It exists when there is a ________ that tends to pull an object back towards some lower energy position.
Classical mechanicsPhysicsForceUniverse

Question 10: This equation is obtained by integrating the ________ between the limits of infinity and r.
Coulomb's lawLorentz forceMaxwell's equationsMagnetic moment


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