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Potassium oxide: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the chemical name of Potassium oxide (IUPAC)
potassium tetrafluoridoaluminate
Potassium oxide
Potassium sodium tartrate
Potassium oxidoazaniumylidynemethane

Question 2:
What is Potassium oxide also known as?
difluorine monoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Potassium monoxide
Nickel monoxide

Question 3: Alternatively and more conveniently, K2O is synthesized by heating ________ with metallic potassium:
Potassium chloridePotassium nitratePotassium hydroxidePotassium chlorate

Question 4: In this motif the positions of the ________ and cations are reversed relative to their positions in CaF2, with potassium ions coordinated to 4 oxide ions and oxide ions coordinated to 8 potassium.
IonElectrolyteHalf cellLithium-ion battery

Question 5: Potassium oxide is about 83% potassium by weight, but potassium chloride, for instance, is only 52% ________ by weight.

Question 6: The chemical formula K2O is used in the N-P-K (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) numbers on the labels of ________.

Question 7: Normally, ________, potassium sulfate, or potassium carbonate is used as a fertilizer source for potassium.
Potassium nitratePotassium chloridePotassium permanganatePotassium hydroxide

Question 8: Thus, if a fertilizer is 30% potassium chloride by weight, its standard ________ rating, based on potassium oxide, would be only 19%.

Question 9: ________ provides less potassium than an equal amount of potassium oxide.
Potassium hydroxidePotassium permanganatePotassium nitratePotassium chloride

Question 10: ________ cannot be further dehydrated to the oxide.
Potassium hydroxidePotassium cyanidePotassium chloridePotassium permanganate

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