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Question 1:
What is Potassium nitrate also known as?
Nitrate of potash
Muriate of potash
Permanganate of potash
Mercuric nitrate

Question 2: Its common names include saltpetre (saltpeter in American English), from Medieval Latin sal petræ: "stone salt" or possibly "Salt of ________", nitrate of potash, and nitre (American niter).

Question 3: Potassium nitrate was once thought to induce ________, and is still falsely rumored to be in institutional food (such as military fare) as an anaphrodisiac; these uses would be ineffective, since potassium nitrate has no such properties.
Sexual dysfunctionErectile dysfunctionSexual fetishismHypersexuality

Question 4: Even so, saltpetre is still used in some food applications, such as ________ and the brine used to make corned beef.
CharcuteriePorkSausageCuring (food preservation)

Question 5: Potassium nitrate is the oxidising component of ________.
EnglandEarly Modern warfareCannonGunpowder

Question 6: [10] Recently, the use of potassium nitrate in ________ for treating sensitive teeth has increased dramatically, despite the fact that it has not been conclusively shown to reduce dentine hypersensitivity.
ToothpasteTooth (human)MouthwashGinger

Question 7: These often contained calcium nitrate, which could be converted to potassium nitrate by the addition of ________ from wood ashes.
PotashUnited StatesRussiaSpain

Question 8: Worcester News: Bishop makes an unusual donation of urine for the ________
Guy FawkesGunpowder PlotGuy Fawkes NightChristopher Wright

Question 9: It has also been used in the manufacture of ________ and can be found in some toothpastes for sensitive teeth.
Baskin-RobbinsMilkIce creamLondon

Question 10: Potassium nitrate when used by itself as a ________ has an NPK rating of 13-0-44.

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